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Hi Allison, I just wanted to send you a note about how pleased we have been over the past 8 years with our Frosty Factory machines. We have them in all 10 of our Colorado locations and I think they are an integral part of the success of our margarita program.

 The features that make Frosty Factory stand apart are…

·       Large display freezing cylinders

·       Lighted name plate

·       Ease of assembly and operation

·       Variety of models

·       And of course cost

As president of the Fuzzy’s Franchise Council I have recommended your company to every new franchisee. Thanks again for all your help over the years!

Marc Rogers – Franchise Owner


Marc RogersFuzzy's Taco Shop


I’m Greg Jones, Denver franchisee for The Lost Cajun, a Louisiana based restaurant specializing in all foods Cajun.

When I was opening my first restaurant in 2016, one of my first purchases was three Frost Factory machines. Having grown up in Ruston and visited the famous Wil-Mart many, many times, I knew what those babies were capable of. Just as many times I believe I was told that I was crazy to invest that much money in a product unknown in Denver. I just nodded my head and said, “Yeah, you’re probably right.” However, I was smiling to myself.

Mere months after we opened the machines had paid for themselves and have been generating very nice revenue ever since. In the first year, revenues from frozen drink sales were more than six time my initial investment. Crazy? Yea, crazy like a fox!

When I opened my 2nd and 3rd, guess what went in first?

I highly recommend Frosty Factory machines. With proper maintenance, reliability is excellent.

All you have to do is go to Vegas or on a cruise ship and you will find their machines in the best of locations.

Greg JonesThe Lost Cajun

"Turn them on and they work every time - it's just that simple." - John Pittman, area manager for Fat Tuesdays - Las Vegas, NV

John PittmanFat Tuesday's

I’m Randy Fagan from Bakersfield, CA.  I researched margarita machines for my Margarita Man business and narrowed down my choices.  Frosty Factory won out for many reasons.  What clinched the deal was their customer service and dedication to making the customer happy.  Frozen beverage machines is all they do.  I liked that.

Randy FaganMargarita Man Rental Co.

"I love my 26 model 235's - they are money making machines." - Jerry Rodriguez, owner of Guadalaraja's - Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA

Jerry RodriguezGaudalaraja's


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